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Why I chose blop

by Sam on September 15, 2021

Asking the Fediverse

Some time ago I asked the Fediverse for their recommendations on blogging software, most people recommended either Hugo or Jekyll. While these seemed like great options with a lot to offer, I wanted something that was a bit more barebones, that way I could understand it and tweak it as I see fit. Out of all the recommendations (10+), somebody eventually recommended Blop.

Introducing Blop

Blop is an extremely simple static blog generator that easily integrates with my existing website. All I had to do was pop in the stylesheets and slightly tweak the index_template.html and I was on my way to blogging! It uses markdown, so I downloaded a markdown editor (ghostwriter), and I must say everything so far is extremely easy to use. There’s really not much to it, which is part of the beauty.

How it all works

I submit markdown files (.md) to a folder called /markdown. When I run the command “blop”, it generates all of the files required based on index_template.html, archive_template.html, and post_template.html. I can modify these 3 files as I see fit, and it will change the way my blog looks, without having to modify each individual page. They’re all set to use the same stylesheet, which makes visual changes very easy.

My setup

I have the /markdown folder from my server synced to my personal computer, with another folder inside called “Draft” where I keep my drafts. I can make changes from the comfort of my personal computer, using a nice visual editor. My changes are then automatically sent to the server, where they are displayed on my blog. If you have any recommendations to improve my setup, feel free to reach out.